Classic vintage cars enter the Cadillac Design Art Exhibition


Recently, Beijing Olympic Park welcomed two heavyweight “guests”-Cadillac Eldorado and Fleetwood Sixty. It is reported that the two classic cars that have traveled far and wide will be exhibited at the 2012 Cadillac Design Art Exhibition along with the Cadillac LaSalle convertible and Model M that have arrived on the 16th, with various works of art by a number of Chinese and foreign artists. , Together presenting the changes of Chinese and Western artistic and humanistic thoughts in the past 110 years. The perfect fusion of cars and artworks is also one of the most anticipated elements of this design art exhibition.

As one of the most stylish car models in the 1950s, Cadillac Eldorado boldly moved the design of the rocket tail to the car design. This breakthrough gave Eldorado a double bullet-shaped taillight, a jewel-shaped water tank grille, and a tall The rocket rear wing, large enveloping windshield, and graceful body contours have also made popular idols such as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe become its “fans.” It is worth mentioning that the Tailfin “rocket tail” design has become a gift for Cadillac for a century, and even the fashion luxury brand Prada has created a series of works inspired by it.

1 The Fleetwood Sixty

another classic Cadillac that arrived in Beijing at the same time, also has a great background. Fleetwood Sixty, which was born after World War II, is extremely tense and artistic in appearance. In addition to the refreshing integrated roof design and streamlined body shape, Fleetwood Sixty uniquely adopted a stylish curved windshield glass, creating a precedent in the field of automotive design at that time. It has to be mentioned that Salvador Dali, the master of surrealism, is also one of its fans.

2 As the destination of four Cadillac antique cars

the “Hundred Years of Style Journey-2012 Cadillac Design Art Exhibition” will officially kick off on April 21st at the east side plaza of Beijing Olympic Park National Convention Center. At that time, the representative artist Stuart Davis of the early American Ashcan School (Ashcan School), the pop art master Andy Warhol, the fashion art photographer David LaChapelle, the French Chinese abstract painter Zao Wou-ki, and the leading figures of contemporary Chinese art Wang Guangyi, Fang Lijun, Zhang Xiaogang, The representative works of Yue Minjun and others, combined with the display of 9 Cadillac antique cars, concept cars and mass-produced cars with the most contemporary design, brought a visual feast and artistic gluttony of eye-catching style to the audience. The entire exhibition period will last from April 21 to May 15.

3 In addition, during the exhibition

the audience will see Andy Warhol’s classic pop work “Marilyn Monroe”, American artist Stuart Davis’ abstract painting “Hot Still” and other works of distinctive temperament.

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