The more you open, the more valuable? Demystify old Porsche refurbishment channels you don’t know!


1 Recently, Porsche announced information about the “The Classic Porject Gold” program.

The official said: The Porsche Classic Department will refurbish an unprecedented car model. The latest results of the plan will be made public on August 24. The refurbished classic models will also be carried out globally at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion racing festival on September 27. It was first released and auctioned in Atlanta, USA on October 27th.


2 It can be seen from the preview that the body contour outlined by the golden lines is the classic Porsche 993 model.


I wonder what kind of new life this 993 will regain under the renovation and restoration of the Porsche classic car department!

It is undeniable that every time you see the three words Porsche, the images that come to your mind are about driving passion or handling limits. But did you know that Porsche brings more fun to car owners! Today we will take a look at the time-preserving classic car department that can get you deep in the refurbishment of old cars.


3 According to statistics, since the birth of the Porsche brand, 70% of all vehicles produced are still racing on the road.


In addition to the good reliability of the vehicles themselves, the role of the Porsche classic car department in this is also indispensable. . In addition to being able to provide car owners with the spare parts needed for old cars, this department can also provide car owners with repair and refurbishment services.

On the official website of Porsche, it is actually easy to find the sub-pages of Porsche classic cars. After entering the sub-page, all the classic old cars that can be refurbished and repaired are neatly arranged in front of everyone in the order of the listing timeline. Including: 356, 911 F, 914, 911 G, 924, 928, 944, 959, 964, 968, 993, 986, 996 and Carrera GT and so on.

After the car owner chooses his own model and year, the accessories that can be purchased are also in accordance with: engine, oil circuit, exhaust, gearbox, front axle, steering wheel, rear axle, rims, brakes, covers, electrical components, and levers , Pedals, etc. are grouped into categories, and there are even suits specially used for vehicle paint maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that the price of accessories is also OK. Although not particularly cheap, it is not too expensive.

On foreign second-hand car trading websites, except for the Porsche 356, which is unaffordable for ordinary people, and the 964 and Carrera GT cars are hard to find, the other old Porsche cars are relatively close to the people in terms of prices and car sources. In this way, for refurbishing these classic Porsches, it is not only easy to get started and complete accessories, but also legally on the road after refurbishment. This retro trend has not only swept the European and American markets, but has also become popular in Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand. . Let’s take a look at the charm of old Porsche cars through a few sets of pictures.

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