El mejor ranking de motores nacionales, Chery es el segundo, Geely es el último, los ganadores del primer premio están convencidos


In the past two years, domestic independent brands have made considerable progress. They not only have their own designs, but also made major breakthroughs in engine technology. According to reports, Chinese-made cars spend hundreds of billions of dollars on research and development of the three major components each year, which shows that Chinese-made cars already know the importance of mastering core technologies. Chery ranked second in the domestic best engine rankings, and Geely ranked last and won many awards.

At present, domestically-produced engines of independent brands are also very famous in the market, especially engines such as Chery and Great Wall have even gone abroad. Of course, the competition between domestic cars has never stopped, and the basic engine technology is also secretly competing with each other. Which domestic engine technology is the best? Some media have ranked domestic engines, let us take a look.

1 The first place is the Great Wall.

When it comes to the Great Wall, everyone must be very familiar with it. This is definitely the real “first brother” in the field of off-road vehicles in China. A model of Haval H6 has continuously created many sales myths. Great Wall used to use Mitsubishi engines, but now it has its own technology, the most famous of which is the “Chinese Heart” engine. In addition, its 1.5T engine has won numerous awards and multiple championships in various competitions, which also proves its technical strength.

Ranked second is Chery, which is known as a “technical maniac”. Chery’s engine is also very famous in the market. The thermal efficiency of the newly developed third-generation engine has reached 37.1%, which is very serious in domestic engines and even joint venture engines.

2 The third place is SAIC’s “Blue Core” engine.


Although SAIC’s sales and reputation are not comparable to Great Wall, Chery and Geely, its engine technology must be mentioned among domestic brands.

Its 1.5T engine not only has excellent power stability, but also does a very good job in fuel economy. It is precisely because of such a strong “heart” that SAIC’s cars will not have any major problems after a few years.


3 Geely came in last


. Although it ranks fourth, this does not mean that its engine technology is the worst. After all, Geely’s annual sales are very high, which also shows some problems. Only Bian Xiao believes that compared with the top three, Geely’s engine technology still has a lot of room for improvement.

The editor feels that the strength of domestic cars is indeed getting stronger and stronger, especially in the three core aspects, there are works that can be obtained. Nowadays, the recognition of domestically-made cars by the Chinese people is getting higher and higher, and it is believed that in the future, domestically-made cars will be able to defeat joint venture cars and become the mainstream of the market. Who do you think is stronger among domestic engines?

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