Japanese used car prices have skyrocketed, influenced by “games” and “Youtube”


The price of used cars keeps rising. It is not uncommon that models from the 1980s to the 1990s, which are called the New Hiss, have exceeded the premiere price of a new car. It can be said to be a symbol of Nissan’s SKYLINE BNR 32GT-R, and the minimum cost is 5 million yen. It is not uncommon for a second-hand car with a good individual price to exceed 10 million yen.

Even if it is not that level, the lowest value of 10-20 years ago, many new Sith cars are raising prices. At the time for new cars, even if it was a Volkswagen model that was not considered to be that expensive, the market for used cars was on the rise.

In this context, what is often said is the “25-year rule” of the United States. As we all know, in the United States, imported cars on the right steering wheel are basically NG, but it is stipulated that they can be imported freely after 25 years.

Therefore, the value of Japanese-specific models such as SKYLINE GT-R is rising worldwide. On the other hand, there are also models sold in the United States, and the market will not rise to that level. For example, Honda’s first-generation NSX has not yet reached a level that exceeds the price of a new car. It should be understandable from this background.

Having said that, Japan is still capitalist. In such a society, the price of used cars would not rise if there was no demand. The same is true in the United States, because there are many users who buy old cars including the new Hiss tricks, so the price will rise.

There are several elements that can be listed.

It is said that the driving simulation software “GT” series of PlayStation has a great influence. Through this software, car enthusiasts all over the world are aware of the existence of Japanese-limited legendary sports cars like the Skyline GT-R, which increases the value of real cars.

Contrary to improving safety performance, some people also look forward to the excitement brought by sports cars.

In addition, in the movie “Wild Speed ​​(original title: Fast&Fuurious)” series, the appearance of SKYLINE GT-R and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has also increased the popularity of Japanese cars in North America, coupled with the timing of the 25-year rule and the global market. The connected part cannot be missed either.

In addition, the recent boom in old cars in Japan has also had a great impact on YouTube. Seeing the way of enjoying old cars on the artist’s channel, many people are looking forward to living in such a car.

In any case, only by understanding its value through various media can the demand be discovered. In that case, even if the second-hand car is reduced, it will never increase, so the market keeps rising, which can be said to be the current situation.

In addition, the old cars and new Hiss trick cars that did not have a market price also have the part where the specialty store determines the price. If it cannot be sold, the price will of course fall, but with the wave of price increases in the 25-year rule, old cars in an era that has nothing to do with this rule cannot deny that the market is rising.

So why does the demand for used cars increase?

It can be said that this is affected by the great changes in car values. As we all know, now is a period of major changes in the automotive industry once in 100 years. Although it is called the “CASE Revolution”, each company is committed to technologies such as electrification and automatic operation.

There is nothing wrong with the evolution of the car, but from the perspective of the values ​​of the old age where stimulation is very important in driving, it can be said that it is a fact in the opposite direction.

Even if the overwhelming advantage of modern sports cars manufactured through electronic control at an absolute speed, the excitement of the era sports cars that covered many areas with the skills of the driver has completely disappeared.

Cars have evolved in pursuit of safety, convenience, and environmental performance, but the stimulus lost as a reaction has produced value. Because of this, the number of users who want to get old cars and new Hiss cars and taste the values ​​of old cars has increased.

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