Where are so many old sports cars in China?


​I was still studying more than ten years ago. There is a famous high-end car maintenance center next to the school. Since there is no special brand repair shop for all kinds of super sports cars, they all come here for maintenance. There are countless luxury cars. In that era when a monthly salary of 3,000 was considered a high salary, the price of a Ferrari sports car was as high as three or four million yuan, which is by no means the ordinary working class can afford, but even so, there is still a constant stream.


1 Everyone also cleared it out


even if the expensive sports car, its nature is the same as that of consumer goods such as mobile phones, and it will be worthless after a few years. But have you ever thought that those sports cars that used to be millions of dollars in the past have disappeared now, so where have they gone now?


2 Many people take care of them as treasures after buying them


They are not willing to open them daily The maintenance of these cars is done very well. Even if the cars have reached 20 years of age, they are still as bright as new. Therefore, these cars are now parked in the private underground garages of the rich. They are in the fate of luxury cars. It’s the best.


3 There is also partly because car owners like the new and dislike the old


like newer or better models, so old cars are sold on the second-hand market. The fate of this part of the car is actually not good, because once it enters the second-hand car market, it will be constantly changed hands, and every time it changes hands, it will be ruthlessly destroyed, and the condition and performance of the car will plummet.

Of course, the most pitiful thing is to be sold to Chentian and other auto parts cities. These cars are often disassembled into individual parts and sold separately. Because luxury cars generally have a relatively high level of retail, the income from selling parts is dismantled. Much higher than selling the whole car.

Combining the above three situations, the first one is extremely rare, and the second and the third are the most common. The final destination will become scrap parts, which is why there are fewer and fewer classic old sports cars on the road.

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