The 4 “best” car companies with engines, especially the latter two, are known as “buy engines and get cars free”

  1. Toyota. Toyota’s engine may not be as good as other brands in terms of power, but its stability and failure rate have always been good. We often praise Toyota as a brand that will not perform badly, and Toyota not only performs well in traditional fuel engines. Excellent, it is also particularly prominent in the field of hybrid technology. Recently, it has also worked hand in hand with BYD to prepare future new hybrid models.
  2. BMW. BMW has been known for its excellent power handling capabilities from the very beginning. To achieve all of this, BMW must have a powerful engine to lay a solid foundation for itself. Now, BMW has its own proud works on both small-displacement engines and large-displacement engines, and often cooperates with other brands to build better engines for everyone to use.
  3. Honda. Honda is definitely one of the best brands in the engine field. It is powerful, economical and fuel-efficient, and has a low failure rate. This also makes every Honda car famous for its solid power, such as Civic and Fit. Although the price of trolley buses is not high, there is a lot of room for modification. With the blessing of Honda engines, they can hover on the road or on the track.
  4. Mazda. Initially, Mazda was just a small manufacturer and was known for its engines. At that time, Mazda’s rotary engines were popular all over the world, and Mazda also won the title of Dongying BMW. Now, Mazda’s most famous engine must be Chuangchi Blue Sky, and Chuangchi Blue Sky recently launched a brand new engine that borrows compression ignition technology from diesel engines, which also brings new ideas to the future engine field .

The engines of these four car companies are all very good, not only the quality is excellent, but the failure rate is also very low. Of course, in the past few years, our domestic brands have also made rapid development, such as Chery, Changan, Geely, Great Wall, etc. We have our own engine, and we hope that our independent brand will get better and better, and the continuous improvement in technology will enable our Chinese cars to be equipped with Chinese engines.

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