More than 200,000 owed! The chairman of the old car control association does not return 4 classic cars


The Taichung Software Park is holding a classic old car exhibition. Each car looks quite historic and looks very absorbing. The main unit is the Taiwan Classic Old Car Association. As soon as the chairman of the blue shirt arrived, they were videotaped by the public. The accusation owed more than 200,000 yuan.

The two parties met in the morning, but the people who were owed money did not wait until the afternoon. They were so angry that they sued the chairman of the board.


1 The complainant petitioned the court to enforce the seizure of the vehicle


The vehicle that the director was looking for was seized and towed directly on the spot.

Complainant: I called him, but he did not answer it.

The vehicles that were blocked by Taichung’s inspection at the scene were all owned by the chairman of the board, and the inspectors immediately sealed them up to pledge more than 20 yuan in debt.

Complaints against the public, Miss Xu: “Because the vehicle has a major defect, we have to cancel the contract and want a refund. He said that if you want legal channels, you should go. Then, on the day of 10/8, we will go to the activities in the software park. Petition the court to enforce the seizure of the vehicle.”


2 Ms. Xu, the complainant, said that the car she bought from the chairman of the board was defective and wanted to cancel the contract.


Wan Wan, the chairman of the Taiwan Classic Automobile Association, who owes more than 200,000 in debt, did not expect that the other party would go out to check and seal the car. When the two parties bought and sold second-hand cars, the chairman did not give the car after receiving the money, at least 220,000. The people can’t get it back. The four classic cars currently under inspection are the existing bargaining chips.


3 The chairman of the board owed more than 200,000 debts but was unwilling to repay, and 4 classic cars were seized by the government.


Complaining against the public, Miss Xu: “The executive officer of the court asked him if he can pay on the spot. If we can’t seize this amount, we will continue.”

It’s just that although all four cars are seized, how much money these classic cars are worth? Experts need to be asked to evaluate. In addition, the car keys are in the hands of the chairman. The complainant said that as long as the chairman returns about 200,000 yuan, the incident cannot be stopped. Hold accountable.

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