The extreme sight driving Porsche 993 is worse than blowing the wind to be calm and calm


The most classic frog

In a seaside city with beautiful beaches, I drove a 911 more than 20 years ago through the mountain road far away from the sea breeze. In the sultry cockpit, every breath of breath became “damaged” by the smell of heavy engine oil. More hasty. Obviously, it is not an ordinary Porsche that makes me give up the idea of ​​having fun and communicate with it vigorously at every corner. This 993, who was called the last emperor during the wind-cooling period, is trying to do everything possible to me. The beauty of Amway’s old sports car era. Undoubtedly, the innate mechanical texture of 993 is the key to the old world, to be precise, to the new world. When the door is opened, we can only choose to use the wind to keep calm when we are excited.

   When I saw this 993 at the Dalian Classic Car Culture Center, I was so happy as a child when I was over 30, and I couldn’t help myself from taking pictures and petting. Although I am not a big fan of youngtimer, the 993 and BMW E30 have always been my beloved loves. At the same time, I have to admit that the old 911 has the same indescribable charm as the old BMW, classical and elegant lines, pure sense of driving control, even the cash 991.2 is hard to match.

For Porsche, the 993, which was launched in 1993, has extraordinary historical significance, not only because it was the last 911 equipped with an air-cooled engine, but also the multi-link suspension and electronic control system appeared on the 911 for the first time.

Based on the above historical significance and RWB’s “hype”, the 993 is very popular in the international classic car market. Even in the domestic market, its price has been the same as the current Carrera, and if it is a manual transmission model, the asking price will increase. 50%.

Fortunately, the 993’s taillights did not follow the independent design similar to the 989 on the concept car. The sexy and unique integrated taillights on the 964 were preserved at the last moment before mass production. The widened wheelbase of the 993 also makes the rear 45° angle of view fuller and more durable.

Compared with the previous generation model 964, the headlights of the 993 are more inclined, and the length of the bonnet is also shortened. The overall visual effect of the front of the car is much more rounded. I personally believe that the 964 upright round headlights are more Porsche’s era characteristics.

The widened track and expanded wheel arches give the rear a powerful aesthetic. The unique classic design of this 911 car series has been passed down to this day.

The air intake grille at the rear is responsible for providing fresh air for the old-fashioned air-cooled heart. At the same time, when driving at high speed, it can be turned on by the control button of the central control and provide additional air downforce.

The ratio of the 17-inch wheels to the body is very harmonious. The tire size of the front wheels is 215/45 R17, and the rear wheels are equipped with 255mm wide tires with excellent grip. For the 993 with only 200kW (272Ps), this is the case. The configuration is sufficient to counterbalance its temper.

Play with old-fashioned physical buttons
The old Poussin-style interior atmosphere is full of historical accumulation. If you say that it cannot mobilize your driving desire, then the instrument panel behind the steering wheel that has never been changed will always wake you up. This is a 911.

Breathing the aroma of aging leather, five old-fashioned mechanical dashboards will simultaneously catch your eyes tightly-the 911’s rotational speed-centered movement orientation has not changed even today when the all-liquid crystal instrument is rampant.

The four-spoke steering wheel, which is already perfectly covered, still has an excellent grip. The Porsche logo of that era still used a craftsmanship similar to the embossment to swear its sovereignty. In some high-end models, shift buttons are added to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the steering wheel to enhance driving pleasure.

The ignition switch on the left side of the steering wheel is still full of feelings. Of course, this is due to the enlightenment of the “Ancient” Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race-left hand ignition, right hand gear, this is undoubtedly the most after jumping into the car. A quick way to start.

The raising and lowering of the rear wing is also manually controlled. When the rear wing is raised, not only the air down pressure is significantly increased, but the heat dissipation efficiency of the air-cooled engine is also improved.

Compared with the current model, the integrated sports seat pays more attention to the comfort of daily use. After all, fixing the body on the seat is what the 993 GT2 should do.

The cassette magazine behind the handlebar is responsible for integrating the rhythm of music into the driving pleasure. In that year, the top of the Chinese pop chart was Liu Huan’s “A Thousand Times Asked”.

Although this 993 was first in service in Japan, it is not a special version of a right rudder. The reason is that left-hand drive cars will always be looked at in Japan.

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