The top ten brands with the best engines in the world: No. 1 can not be shaken, Toyota is only ranked 8th!


With the development of my country’s economy, cars have become a necessity in people’s lives. A car of good quality can always be sought after by consumers. As we all know, the most important accessory in a car is the engine. The engine not only provides continuous power for the car, but also determines the stability, fuel consumption and operation possibilities of the car. Therefore, it is absolutely correct to say that buying a car depends on the engine first. This year’s World Engine Awards rankings have also been announced. Let’s take a look at which brands are the top ten engines in the world.

1 First place, BMW

People are surprised to see this list and can’t believe that German cars and American cars have such good engines. Two of the top four on the list are German and American cars. However, this list is based on the number of engine awards in the past 24 years, which shows a comprehensive strength. BMW has been developing for so many years. It has won 32 awards and championships, which is the unshakable first place.

2 Eighth place, Toyota

The largest car market in the world is only eighth? Many people started to complain again, but this list lists breakthroughs in engine technology. In terms of quality alone, Toyota still has an unparalleled advantage. Toyota has won 11 awards in the past 24 years and is regarded as a representative company in the Japanese sector. The Lexus brand has also contributed many awards.

3 Tenth, Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz can be regarded as a different kind of German car. Its two brothers ranked first and fourth respectively (Volkswagen Audi). Why has Mercedes-Benz won so few awards? This may be a problem with his development strategy. As we all know, Mercedes-Benz is not always the best engine technology among German luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz is known for its highly intelligent and luxurious interior style. Compared with car handling performance, BMW is still the strongest. According to the official explanation. The main basis of the list is a comprehensive ranking of technology, durability, energy saving, failure rate and black technology.

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