Why do these five classic cars of twenty years have attracted countless car fans so far?


Original Wheels Many people will put the phrase “when you have money, you must buy a car”, but in real life, it makes us compromise again and again. Whenever I see my dream car on the road, my heart will always be full of memories. Today, we will take a look at the classic models of the year for everyone. I believe there will always be one that can evoke your memories.

No. 5: Bora (parameter|inquiry) R


The historical mission of the Bora R is to let Chinese young people know for the first time that this is the original high-performance car. Although it is called Bora R, it has nothing to do with Volkswagen’s orthodox R series models. This car is built by FAW-Volkswagen with imported parts.


However, this does not affect the happiness it brought to countless young enthusiastic young people. The engine of this car comes from the fourth-generation Golf GTI (parameter|inquiry), equipped with a 1.8T engine with a maximum horsepower of 180Ps. It uses 16-inch wheels manufactured by BBS, but the authenticity cannot be verified.

The Bora R went on the market in 2005, and the price was about 300,000 yuan. Buying a sports car with an exaggerated large rear wing really required financial resources and courage in that era. Of course, in addition to the good performance of this car, there is also a common problem, the ignition coil is especially bad.

No. 4: Buick New Century


Speaking of Buick New Century, it may touch the feelings of many car lovers. Buick New Century was put into production in 1998, and it was also a high-end brand in joint venture cars at that time.


The reason why this car is popular is that Buick New Century, as an American car, is very in line with the Chinese aesthetics. The whole car looks very spacious. At the time, the Chinese thought that this is what a car should be.

But this car really doesn’t drive very well. The chassis is soft and weak, the power is not worth mentioning, and the body is particularly awkward, but at the same time the fuel consumption is also very large, almost 15L of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. But these shortcomings are the characteristics of American cars.

No. 3: E46 3 Series


It is estimated that many car fans have heard such a sentence about the BMW 3 Series (parameter|inquiry): “There is no more 3 Series after the E90”, and the E46 is also known as the pinnacle of the 3 Series. The BMW E46 is actually the fourth-generation BMW 3 Series, and the 330ci model of the year was definitely a BMW fan’s Dream Car. The car is equipped with an M54B30 inline 6-cylinder engine with a horsepower output of 231Ps. Even today, it is definitely one. Performance machine.


The rear row of the BMW 3 Series may not be as big as the current Fit (parameter|inquiry), but this is the real 3 Series, and only it is really worthy of the adjective of excellent driving pleasure.

However, this does not mean that the current BMW 3 Series is not good. It is just that the 3 Series of the year was more pure, and the current 3 Series is more balanced, which can retain a certain driving pleasure while taking into account comfort. This is an improvement for most consumers.

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